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His Early Life

Kru Sanjeevi was born in 16-November-1971 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His birth name is Sanjeevi Balaraman. He was an ordinary school boy, and some incidents pulled him towards Martial Arts. Once he had performed in historical drama in his school days, after the drama he fought with his friends and resulted injuries on both sides. One day wat The 36th Chamber of Shaolin movie, he was so inspired and he wanted to learn Kung Fu, so he bought many martial art books and started practicing according to the instructions from those books.

He dropped out of his first martial art class as he did not find it fitting his expectations. Later he joined in Kick Boxing class and trained so hard. His amazing eagerness and ability to learn and assimilate his studies earned him the respect of his Master who thought him and had him to attend tournaments while still in his initial learning years of Martial Arts.

After sufficiently mastering the Martial Arts he started his own kick boxing class. With his training and guidance athletes have achieved laurels in state and national levels.

Dr. B. Sanjeevi M.D (Acupuncture)

The young Sanjeevi felt a strong urge to leave for China where he felt he could quench his thirst for medicine related to Martial Arts. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it but surprisingly a great Acupuncturist from Japan visited India and Sanjeevi had a chance to meet him and learned Acupuncture from the Japanese Acupuncturist. In a short time he learned acupuncture scientific studies and earned a degree in it. Now Dr. Sanjeevi was renowned as being both an excellent acupuncturist and a true humanitarian. Very often he waived consultation fees for poor patients and on many occasions provided medicine for free to needy patients.

Kasi Visit

Filled with a tremendous desire for spiritual growth and enlightenment Sanjeevi went to North India in search of his Guru. After spending time in Varanasi (Banaras) he traveled north to the Himalayast, there in the holy town of Rishikesh (which means "the abode of the sages") Sanjeevi discovered his Guru Swami Sivananda Saraswati who gave him great knowledge of Yoga.

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